In Beaverton, the arts are a part of our identity. The arts build community, attract visitors, and drive progress. The Beaverton Arts Program contributes by presenting arts and cultural events and programs that celebrate community values and help connect residents to their artistic and cultural heritage.  

Community Arts Organizations and Projects grants are open to individual artists, arts and culture groups, and Beaverton schools. Awards are available to applicants who bring people together to experience and explore art, assist local artists, celebrate cultural diversity through art, spur development and stewardship of art, and/or educate the community on the value of art. 


These grants are offered by the City of Beaverton to enrich the lives of the Beaverton community by integrating arts, culture, and creativity into the city and its neighborhoods. Proposals should have an arts-based focus and involve an element of public engagement, arts-based learning or meaningful art experiences.

In addition, we hope to promote projects that meet these goals: 

  • Nurture collaboration by encouraging partnerships between artists and other creative industries, businesses, and organizations both for- and non-profit. 
  • Contribute to economic vitality, support neighborhood revitalization and beautification, and promote our city as a place that is welcoming, vibrant, responsible, friendly, safe, and active. 
  • Inspire creativity and innovation in local and regional talent (emerging as well as established) by offering new opportunities and experiences in the arts. 
  • Demonstrate the elements of cultural diversity, social equity, and inclusivity through the engagement of arts, culture, and creativity in the city and neighborhoods.
  • Elevate our community assets, cultural identity, and heritage to nurture, honor, preserve, and commemorate our multicultural traditions and histories.  
  • Animate and rejuvenate public spaces. 
  • Increase public safety and awareness by activating shared spaces. 
  • Enliven public spaces to promote health, happiness, connectedness, and wellbeing. 

Applications must clearly demonstrate how the proposed activity will support at least one or more of the following:  

  1. Build awareness of the role and value of arts in Beaverton and increase public participation. 
  2. Promote access to the arts, to enhance learning and development of art, and encourage public participation in the arts. 
  3. Support ways to celebrate diverse art forms or cultural diversity through art. 
  4. Foster economic development in the community through art. 


In 2019, the City of Beaverton will invest $16,000 through Community Arts Organizations and Projects grants. 

  • Funding requests may be up to $2,000 per project (please refer to eligibility to determine appropriate budget level). 
  • This is not a matching-grant so we encourage applicants to seek additional opportunities to augment their funding.   
  • If the applicant is requesting the full award amount and their project budget is greater than that amount, a clear fundraising plan must be presented with the application. 
  • Crowdfunding and fundraising through community engagement activities is encouraged. 


  • Call for proposals: Wednesday, February 6, 2019 
  • Submission deadline: Thursday, April 4, 2019, 5:00 PM 
  • Award Notification: May 2019 


All applicants will be considered, but it is advisable that the primary applicant identify as one of the following: 

  • Individual artist or artist collective 
  • School group that fall within the city of Beaverton 
  • Individual Student enrolled in K-12, college, or post-grad courses 
  • Non-profit 

The following INELIGIBLE APPLICANTS may participate through endorsement or partnership with the above eligible applicants, but may not apply directly: 

  • Religious organizations, government agencies, political groups, district councils, hospitals, or newspapers.   


Proposals should be geared toward a specific performance, event, activity or artistic expression of the artist or organization. Applications must clearly demonstrate how the proposed performance, activity, event, or artistic expression will: 

  1. Build awareness of the role and value of arts in Beaverton and increase public participation. 
  2. Promote access to the arts, to enhance learning and development of art, and encourage public participation in the arts. 
  3. Support ways to celebrate diverse art forms or cultural diversity through art. 
  4. Foster economic development in the community through art.


Community Arts Organizations and Projects funding may be used to cover expenses directly related to the project, such as: 

Planning & Personnel 

  • Project management, volunteer coordinator, community organizer 

Professional Services 

  • Permits (parks, construction, etc.) 
  • Professional consultants (designer, engineer, artist, etc.) 
  • Insurance (see Insurance & Liability Coverage below) 

Material, Supplies & Maintenance 

  • Art supplies (paint, printing, etc.) 
  • Building materials 
  • Equipment rental (audio/visual, tents, tables, etc.) 
  • Landscaping (soil, shrubs, plants, mulch, rocks, logs, etc.) 
  • Installation / De-installation 
  • Maintenance needs 


Project funds may not be used for: 

  • Projects on private property that are not publicly-accessible 
  • Projects that have restricted participation and public access on the basis of race, gender, creed, origin, age, disability 
  • Purchase of facilities 
  • Maintenance, operation, or retroactive funding of existing projects 
  • Activities that are not tied directly to program objectives 
  • Re-granting 
  • Fundraising activities 
  • General operating expenses and activities 
  • Surveys or studies 
  • Financial awards 
  • Cash reserves and endowments 
  • Food and beverage (unless demonstrated as a primary need or essential to an artist’s vision i.e. social practice projects involving food) 


Two levels of Community Arts Organizations and Projects funding are available this year: 

  • Level 1: up to $1,000 
  • Level 2: up to $2,000 
  • Please submit your grant request amount dependent on your actual need. This may enable funds to be available for other organizations. An organization may apply for and receive only one Level 1 or Level 2 grant per year. 

Level 1 Eligibility Criteria: Up to $1,000 

  1. Applicants must be a “not-for-profit” arts or an educational institution, IRS 501(c)(3) status is not required. Individual artists may apply for grant funding. Applications from individuals who are not visual or performing artists will not be accepted.  
  2. Applicants must be applying for an opportunity that specifically enhances art awareness and participation, enhances art learning, supports existing arts or diverse cultural organizations, or encourages arts and economic development (as described previously). 
  3. Applicants must provide Beaverton Arts Program with an Employer Identification Number (EIN). You can receive an EIN within minutes online at If awarded grant, you will be required to submit a complete W9 form. 
  4. Serve Beaverton residents.  NOTE: Events or activities must take place within the Beaverton School District boundaries ( Click on all schools + BSD facilities map) 
  5. Applications by social service agencies, religious organizations, or private businesses will be accepted only if application is made in partnership with a not-for-profit arts or cultural organization, or individual artist for a joint project, with the arts or cultural organization acting as the lead applicant. 
  6. Applications will be accepted to support capital expenditures such as the acquisition of public art, but may not be used for capital campaigns. 
  7. If an organization received a Beaverton Arts Program Grant for FY ’18-19, a final report for that grant must be submitted on time to be eligible for a grant for FY ’19-20. If the grant-funded project has not yet been completed, please explain. 
  8. Applicants must provide an itemized list of revenue and expenditures for the proposed activity in the application. 

Level 2 Eligibility Criteria: Up to $2,000  

  1. Must meet the Level 1 criteria above. 
  2. An organization must have IRS 501(c)(3) status or be a public school. (Upon request, a letter verifying status must be submitted). 


Through multiple phases of the project, grant recipients may be required by city staff to provide a project update that may include expense reporting, project documentation (photographs, video, and/or text), related press, and an assessment of whether grant objectives are being met successfully.   

At the conclusion of the project, grant recipients will be required to submit a final report which will include expense reporting, project documentation (photographs, video, and/or text), related press, and a project narrative that addresses the scope of the project as realized, successes, and any areas where grant recipient encountered difficulties or diverged from the original proposal as submitted. 


Proposals for the Art Lives Here grant will only be accepted if the application form is completed and submitted online through with required documentation including: 

  • Project narrative 
  • Project budget 
  • If applicable, up to six images or media files which visualize or demonstrate examples or sketches of your proposed project and/or previous work. Applicants may also submit other supporting material – such as a brochure, newsletter, past review, etc.  


  1. Beaverton Arts Program staff and Beaverton Arts Commission board members will review proposals according to the established eligibility criteria.  
  2. Awards will be based on grant panel’s recommendations. 
  3. Grant applicants can anticipate notification of grant award status in May 2019. 
  4. Notification and information on award status can only be given after the grants process is complete. 


For questions about the grant guidelines or application, contact the Beaverton Arts Program at 503-526-2471 or

City of Beaverton