In Beaverton, the arts are a part of our identity, helping to build community vibrancy and shared identity. The Beaverton Arts Program contributes by presenting arts and cultural events and programs that celebrate community values and help connect residents to their artistic and cultural heritage. 

Small Project Grants are intended to provide support for new or unanticipated projects and those with an urgent timeline, especially for emerging artists, BIPOC and LGBTQ artists, students, or organizations new to the grant-making process. Projects could include workshops, art classes, and/or art activities that serve Beaverton residents. 


  • Funding requests may be up to $1,000 per applicant 
  • This is not a matching-grant but we encourage applicants to leverage other funds raised to augment their projects.


  • Submission deadlines: Rolling or until all grant funds are expended.

Informed by Beaverton’s Community Vision, the goals of the Small Project Grant program is to support projects that meet one or more of the following goals:  

  • Demonstrate cultural diversity, social equity and inclusiveness and to help the City of Beaverton become increasingly welcoming, inclusive, representative, and responsive to historically underrepresented and underserved communities, particularly communities of color, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ.
  • Nurture community collaboration; encourage partnership among artists and creative industries, businesses, cultural and other non- and for-profit organizations
  • Contribute to economic vitality, contribute to neighborhood revitalization and/or beautification, and promote our city as a place that is welcoming, vibrant, responsible, friendly, safe, and active.  
  • Inspire or accomplish creativity and innovation.
  • Nurture and honor community identity and heritage; preserve and commemorate local and multicultural traditions and histories
  • Create public spaces that promote health, happiness and wellbeing.

All applicants will be considered, but it is advisable that the primary applicant identify as one of the following:

  • Individual artists or artist collectives
  • School groups that fall within the city of Beaverton
  • Individual Students
  • Non-profits

The following INELIGIBLE APPLICANTS may participate through endorsement or partnership with the above eligible applicants, but may not apply directly: 

  • Religious organizations, government agencies, political groups, district councils, hospitals, or newspapers. 

Small Project Grant funding may be used to cover expenses directly related to the project, such as:

Planning & Personnel

  • Project management, volunteer coordinator, community organizer

Professional Services

  • Insurance 
  • Marketing expenses
  • Permits (parks, construction, etc.)
  • Professional consultants (designer, engineer, artist, etc.)

Material, Supplies & Maintenance

  • Art supplies (paint, printing, etc.)
  • Building materials
  • Equipment rental (audio/visual, tents, tables, etc.)
  • Landscaping (soil, shrubs, plants, mulch, rocks, logs, etc.)
  • Installation/De-installation
  • Maintenance needs

Project funds may not be used for:

  • Projects on private property that are not publicly-accessible
  • Projects that have restricted participation and public access on the basis of race, gender, creed, origin, age, disability
  • Purchase of facilities
  • Maintenance, operation or retroactive funding of existing projects
  • Activities that are not tied directly to program objectives
  • Re-granting
  • Fundraising activities
  • Surveys or studies
  • Financial awards
  • Cash reserves and endowments
  • Food and beverage (unless demonstrated as a primary need or essential to an artist’s vision i.e. social practice projects involving food)

Proposals for the Small Projects Grant will only be accepted if the application form is completed and submitted online through with required documentation including:

  • Project narrative
  • Project budget
  • If applicable, up to six images or media files which visualize or demonstrate examples or sketches of your proposed project and/or previous work. Applicants may also submit other supporting material – such as a brochure, newsletter, past review, etc. 


  1. Beaverton Arts Program staff and Beaverton Arts Commission board members will review proposals according to the established eligibility criteria. 
  2. Awards will be based on grant panel’s recommendations.
  3. Grant applicants can anticipate notification of grant award status within four weeks of application submission. 
  4. Notification and information on award status can only be given after the grants process is complete.

For questions about the grant guidelines or application, contact the Beaverton Arts Program at 503-526-2471 or